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Jump Start Your Coaching Business

Th400x400 Tim Hodgson is an author, teacher, adventurer and visionary.  His goal is to reconnect people with who they are – with their dreams, with their goals, and with their own sense of personal identity.  He is a Certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach.  He works with organisations and individuals to break through the barriers that get in their way.

One of the questions that he regularly got asked on NLP and coaching training courses was ‘OK, now what do I do?’ Many people were unsure how to go about setting up in business – how to start out as a coach, how to build a business, how to attract clients.  To answer that question, Tim produced the ‘Jump Start’ series of books that includes ‘Jump Start Your Coaching Business’.  Each of these books goes into detail on how to create your business from scratch.

In Jump Start Your Coaching Business you will learn:

  • What beliefs you need to become incredibly successful 
  • What you need to do to set up your business as a coach 
  • How to make sure you keep improving
  • How to get clients easily 
  • The power of networking 
  • Keys to making effective pitches for business 
  • How referrals can boost your client list 
  • What equipment and facilities you will need 
  • The power of your personal brand 
  • What documents you need to run your business 

You’ll also discover:

  • Why offering ‘free coaching’ can be counter productive 
  • How to communicate effectively to achieve your goals 
  • How to keep yourself safe as you work 
  • Incredible tools to boost your coaching success 

You’ll also learn

  • Why most sales literature doesn’t work
  • Step by step how to set up your business 
  • Tim’s powerful coaching model for maximum change 

Praise for "JumpStart Your Coaching Business"

Whether you are a coach just starting out or someone with an established business, this is a great resource that I would highly recommend.  Tim’s easy writing style ensures that difficult topics are tackled with a lightness of touch, making them remarkably easy to read and understand.  The mass of information that is here will ensure that you will come back and read this book again and again as both you and your business grow, change and evolve.

(Stephen Medway, Lead Coach, Kaleidoscope Results Coaching, Suffolk)

You can find more about Tim at www.theinspirationcentre.com.


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